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My name James Mutuku, a poultry keeper. I love reading. As I was researching poultry, I discovered that there is no single resource where you can read about poultry breeds. I am yet to find a single book dedicated to this topic. Have you heard of the Matebele chickens from Southern Africa? Or the Dragon Chicken from Vietnam that has enlarged feet? 

The Poultry Breeds Project is an ongoing effort to research and write comprehensive articles on poultry breeds that were, are and are being developed.  These breeds have made a significant contribution to the poultry industry and our lives. 

Welcome as we share this journey together. Please feel free to contact us using the facebook page here, if you need us to add a breed that we might have missed out 


The Poultry Breeds Project

Brahma Chicken Breed Characteristics

The Brahma originally named Brahmaputra (Brahmapootra) after a river in India, is an American Chicken Breed, developed from birds that had been imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai.

In the chickens giant hall of fame, the Brahma chickens sit up there, together with other giant breeds like the Jersy Giant, with Brahma cocks

Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed Characteristics

Docile, gentle, hardy and good sitters, Plymouth Rock Chickens have been one of the most common chickens in America where they were developed using crosses of Java, Brahma, Cochin, and Dominique.

The initial Plymouth Rock had barred Plumage, hence the common names were Barred Plymouth Rock, Barred Rock or simply Rock. Other

Sussex Chicken Breed Profile and Management Information

The Sussex chicken, originally bred in Sussex, Britain has become one of the most popular chickens for small backyard farms and homesteads. Initially bred to be a market chicken, for sale at the market, the Sussex chicken breed was known for fine table meat with its tender juicy flesh, white skin, feet, and legs.  

Reared as a dual

Cornish Chickens Profile and Management Information

The Cornish chickens breed, previously referred to as the Indian game is an impressive chicken breed that has been used to develop most of the present meat chickens, including the popular cornish cross.

Muscular, broad, Widely spaced legs with a large diameter, the cornish chicken was bred for one purpose only; war. It was meant to

Jersey Giant Chicken Breed Details and Management Information

The Jersey Giant, as the name suggests is one of the largest chicken breeds in the world. When you encounter one, you will probably never forget it.

Though the popularity had gone down, due to its poor feed to weight conversion ratio, the Jersey Giant is becoming popular among backyard poultry keepers. The poor feed to weight

Orpington chicken breed and management information

The Orpington chicken breed is a large-sized bird developed in England in the late 1800s, by William Cook. Gentle and friendly the Orpington is available in 4 recognized varieties which are the buff, blue, white and black. 

Developed to be a dual-purpose chicken breed, the Orpington gains weight fast, has good egg production, and

Wyandotte Chickens Breed and management Information

The Wyandotte is an American chicken breed that is reared by homesteaders and farmers for its meat and eggs. Bred to be dual purpose, the Wyandotte chicken breed was to solve a particular issue. Back then, there existed no breed that could produce meat and eggs well.

The chicken breeds that existed then were either good for eggs or