Poultry Care

The ultimate guide to automatic coop doors

An automatic chicken coop door is a small latch that allows opens and closes at set times to allow the chicken in and out of the coop. They are powered and have a microcontroller that allows you to make settings.

With an automated chicken, you do not have to worry about if your chickens are securely locked in at night or if they

Light or no light. Searching for Light for my Chickens

The concept of supplemental lighting has been used in commercial poultry production since the 1920s.  As a backyard or homestead poultry keeper, you may wonder if there is a need to offer extra light hours for your birds. 

You might be looking at adding extra light for my chickens when the days are short and the nights long and cold

How to Prepare your Chickens for Winter

Come rain or snow, it is good to get chickens ready so that they can survive and remain productive throughout the frost.

Winter is coming. Temperatures drop. Snow falls. Hours of the natural light become less. There is less food for predators. Your chickens become a target.